Katy Sue Designs Ltd

Welcome to the wonderful world of Katy Sue Designs' manufacturers and designers of imaginative craft and cake decorating products. The Katy Sue product range is equally as popular and useable with cake decorating as general crafts and papercrafts; our award winning silicone moulds are known worldwide for their creative designs, stunning detail and superior quality.
Tronco albero e Corteccia venature legno. Fantastico stampo in silicone
Conchiglie di Mare. Grande Stampo in Silicone di alta definizione. Originale Katy Sue.
Alfabeto con Lettere e Bandierine. Stampo in Silicone. Bunting Alphabet Katy Sue. 17%
Splendida Croce. Stampo in silicone. Beaded Cross Katy Sue.
Fiocco di Neve. Frozen. Katy Sue. Stampo in silicone
Ragnatela. Stampo in silicone Spiders Uomo Ragno e Web. Originale Katy Sue